Testimonials From Our Residents

I’ve been here 3 years. First, as a nurse on the floor and in my current position as MDS Coordinator. Both are positions that I love. It’s a joy to work here everyday. The staff is amazing and the residents are all so happy.


Yolanda Glover LPN


I have been here at Courtyard for3 years. I’ve been a nurse in long-term care for 26 years. This is the most loving, warm, and receptive environment that I have ever had the pleasure of being employed at. The staff, the residents and their family members have all treated me with so much love and respect. Truly we are all one big family here.

Samantha Pace


I think that as for this facility, it is the finest one in town. It is a very pleasant place to live and the nurses are very concerned about our wellbeing. They tend to our every need. If you haven’t been out to visit, come see for yourself and tour our beautiful home.

Donald Buckwalter


I love my job here at Courtyard! I’ve been assisting the residents in my current position for 8 years and I never get tired of seeing their smiling faces when they are able to meet a goal that Physical Therapy has set with them.

Gina Mathis

Restorative C. N. A.

I have lived here for about 5 years now and there is no other place I want to be because this is home. I don’t look at the employees as employees, but as my friends. There is no place like home and this is HOME to me.

Molly Speights


I love it here! The therapists are all really wonderful. Courtyard is just the greatest place to live!

Elizabeth Stangenberg